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Kaartverkoop Prince uitgesteld

donderdag 30 september 2010 - 17:10

Het concert van Prince dat plaatsvindt op dinsdag 26 oktober in het Sportpaleis zal NIET op vrijdag 1 oktober om 9 uur in verkoop gaan. U kunt wel uw e-mailadres op de Prince-mailinglijst achterlaten. Dan krijgt u zo snel mogelijk een bericht in uw mailbox met de uiteindelijke datum waarop de kaartverkoop start.

Start of ticket sales for Prince concert postponed!

Ticket sales for the Prince concert on October 26th at the Antwerp Sportpaleis will not be starting tomorrow morning at 9am. However, it is possible to register your email address. When the definitive starting time for ticket sales is established, you will receive an email containing this information. Ticket sales are being postponed for reasons to do with production. The concert production team are making some last minute changes to the technical lay-out of the venue. As a result, the organisers have no choice but to postpone ticket sales until production has been finalised. The Belgian concert is part of a European tour, stopping off in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Italy. The date for the Antwerp concert, October 26th, is certainly not under any threat. Prince fans will have to show a little bit extra patience, but it will definitely be worth the wait! The organisers apologise for any inconvenience.